Staying at host families

In Legoland with my host family

It was rainy Sunday, our freeday with host family. All of us, my host mother and father, Anna, and her littlebrother Florian and I went to German Legoland. Legoland was big amusement park. It was great be there because I have never been in Legoland. We had lot of fun there.

We went to many rides, ate our packed lunches and took plenty of photos.

We spent whole day in there.

In the evening I was absolutely tired. I was so tired and when I started to go down the stairs I fell and luckily I didn’t hurt myself. 😀 However, I was so thankful and happy for this day! 


My host family

With my host family I experienced many new things, including card games and new customs. Their goal was to eat every meal with the whole family, and that’s different than in Finland. There was wholesome breakfast every morning and I really liked the German food. I was given their traditional food, Spätzle and I liked it.

So the life in my host family really was different than in Finland, because they spent a lot of time together and kids spoke to their parents more politely. Their tone of voice was more polite, when they talked to their parents and they asked parent’s permission to do stuff. But still it didn’t feel weird to me and I got used to it very quickly. My host family treated me as if i was an important guest, and I was very comfortable there. They did everything they could to make me feel at home. I feel that I had the best host family of our entire group.


They took me to different places outside the city for example the Alps. I rode the longest alpcoaster (Rodelbahn) in the world, it was great. I also visited the cave Charlotten Höhle and it was a whole new experience for me. I learnt many things about Germany for them and I had a great time.



Staying at host families


There were many new things I learnt whilst staying at my host family. For example when I woke up in the morning and went downstairs I was surprised to see a ready made breakfast waiting for me every morning. They had bread with all kinds of cold cuts. They also had many different kinds of cereals. Also, a weird thing me and my friends noticed was that they all had a stack of Coke, Fanta, Sprite in their basement. They drank soda with every meal, which of course i didn’t have a problem with.


As well when me and Manu came from school it was important to them that the whole family ate together and that no-one left the table till everyone was done. When we came home the food was already made for us, so all we had to do is take off our shoes and go wait at the table.


The German students school started very early (7:40) but it also ended early (Early afternoon). Everyday they had the same school schedule which was weird for us because in Finland all our days are different. I told them that sometimes my school started at 10:30 and they just said ”WAAS?”.

Samuel H