Other fun stuff


 Film studio-Bavaria Filmstadt

We were in Munich at the film studio called Bavaria Filmstadt. It was a pretty nice experience because we knew that in that place many movies had been filmed. We also got to pretend we were weather men doing the weather forecast. There was also a self made city that looked just like a real city. That was amazing. One thing stuck in my mind from that day. When we arrived at the films studio one of our class members had left her bag in the tram but after the a few phone calls we managed to get her bag back.

– Antton and Chrisu

Click here to see photos of the Film Studio.


After school we went to Ulm by train. We were on the world’s highest church tower. There were over 700 stairs to the top. The tower didn’t look very high from below, but I was little scared on top. After that we visited Burger King and many shops. We would have visited KFC, but the Germans thought that it was to far. We bought a lot of Candy and chocolate to take home. After a few hours we went back to Heidenheim.

– Antton and Chrisu

 Click here to see more pictures from Ulm and the high church-tower