Drama Project

The Drama Project

I love acting, so I enjoyed this part of our trip to Germany. We started working on this project almost right away. This professional called Thibaud helped us by leading us in warm-up practices during the first few days. After a few days of that we started working on the real project, which was a play. We we’re separated into four groups which all had different supervisors. In those groups we we’re given different tasks. The point was to make the play look like someone was switching channels on a television. There were commercials, movies, news and talk shows.

I really enjoyed doing this project, because we had fun with it and got to be creative. Most of the channels we’re funny, and the one I was in was a clip of a James Bond movie. I was a waitress in it and it was sometimes hard to keep a straight face. I got to mix drinks and take orders which was fun because I’ve always thought it would be fun to be a waitress, at least for a while. It was also funny when my classmate Minttu had to fall into James Bonds’ arms, which she didn’t really want to do since it was embarrassing. We had fun doing that though, and we also made actual drinks for the play, and even got an olive for James Bonds’ cocktail.


Theater Project

For the theater project we were split up in different groups. Each group had to prepare another part of the theater performance. In the group where I was we first had to look for themes which we need for the news show. After we found some themes we discussed which themes we take. We choose the best and current themes, for example the NSA spy affair and the German election campaign. We had tested some scenes ore poses and choose the best ones. We also had to prepare the weather forecast and to think about which kind of weather scenarios we will take to make some funny scenes for the weather. Of course we practiced a lot for the news show and the weather forecast. We also had a lot of fun at this time. The news show was at the end really great and funny.
Manuel Schmid, FES 9b