Other fun stuff

Hockey game

We were watching the ice-hockey World championships. The game was Germany-France. 

Of course we supported Germany. We had German flags. The game was 2-2 after 60 minutes and then there was extra time. The extra time was exciting. There was one minute left of extra time and then Germany made a goal. So Germany won 3-2. The game was a great experience. In the end I got to go with two of my friends to right behind France´s goal. We got to see the winning goal from the best possible location, right behind the net. It was great to be in the game. The atmosphere was a lot better at the arena than at home watching on TV.

Antton K

The time in Finnland was very good and we have very much fun.
We are also in Helsinki. We have time for shopping and after shopping we go to the Eishockey match, were Germany played. Also the finnish peoples are for Germany and have German flags every were. It was very interessting and German wonns. And than we go in our host family. We had an oune house in our host family. We had so much to eat every day. We have breakfast, snack in school, snack pack, lunch in host family, on one day we have also a cake, and dinner. We bake for our host family käsespätzle and they are very thrilled. Our projekt in finnland was an arts cours we draw very nice pictures.
On the last day we present the pictures wath we had painted, on this day we make a small party with our host familys. It was a very nice time there.

Franzi h.

Click here to see more pictures of the Helsinki-trip and ice hockey-match

Art museum

We went to Ateneum in Helsinki to look at famous art pieces made by worldwide known painters. I think a lot of the girls of the groups enjoyed walking around watching and learning stuff but most of the boys we’re just looking for free wifi.

Samuel H

The time in Finnland was so good. It was my greatest time in my liefe. We have so much fun in this ten days. We was with ouer hoast family in the zoo in Helsinki. The zoo is om a ierland and so big and the sun was shining on this day it was so nice. Than we go with the ather kids for three days in a house on a lake. We had learned the ather kids very better and my English was very better and faster. On one day we cooked with the finnisch kids speziel food from Finnland. On a ather day we was in the city and we go shopping. And my favourite form the trip was the art project. We draw picture and show that on the last day in the school.

Hockey Game

At the Hockey Game


In Helsinki