Culture of Honour Camp

Comenius camp in Finland 9.5-12.5.2013

The camp started on Thursday afternoon 9.5.2013 Later we got to know each other better. On Friday we made carelian pies and cinamon rolls. Then we had a group assignment. Later we had a football game. That was very fun. On Saturday we went to canoeing. In the evening we presented our group presentations and after that we cooked marshmallows and sausages over the campfire. On Sunday we had to clean and then we had to leave.

At the camp I got to know many German people better. We did everything fun together. We played some games, for example Uno. The German Anna played the piano or the guitarr and others sang. When was the last evening we were already good friends and we Finnish people learned German and the German people learned some Finnish. It was so fun to hear when they tried to say some difficult finnish words (for example ‘vaahtokarkki’) and for me it was fun to try saying some German words (for example ‘Eichhörnchen’). The camp was so fun and there we really got know each other well.


The teachers planned some nice trips. One was in a camp. On this trip we learned nice games.  One day we went canoeing on the lake near our camp. First it was difficult to regulate the canoe but we tried hard and so we learned fast. The country was very new for us. It looked different as in Germany, they have smaller houses and in every house is one sauna.  In the camp I visited one and after the sauna we jumped into the lake. First hot and then cold. I had a really nice time in Finland and I hope we see us again.

Lina Erasin

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Camping by the lake






Baking at camp


Playing a group game