The Project


Our two schools started working together in 2011. It all began from an email from a German teacher (who wanted to have a contact school in Finland) to a Finnish teacher (who happened to be looking for a partnersip school abroad, too.) Out of this correspondence grew a friendship that has now been deepened through several bilateral visits. This partnership was significantly broadened when our application for the Comenius Scholarship was accepted in 2012 and we were able to join the international Lifelong Learning Programme funded by the EU.

Culture of Honour – Comenius Partnership

We were interested in finding out how schools with the same value system (Christian worldview) operate in different countries and within different cultural frame. We picked the theme of honouring as our general theme and we wanted to first of all investigate how the idea of honouring one another is seen in the everyday life of the schools and secondly, whether there are differences between the two different cultures and thirdly, what can we learn from each other.

During this partnership the students in both schools corresponded with each other either via e-mail or facebook, or in some cases, letters. Most of the program and actual doing took place during the visits, though. There was a visit of the German students in Finalnd in May 2013 and a visit of the Finnish students in Germany in September 2013. It was during these visits that we were able to get a glimpse of the everyday life and working of the school as well as the core family in the other culture.

The visits were arranged so that all the students stayed in host families and were thus able to live the everyday life with these families. This was a significant experience for many. For some it meant stepping out of their comfort zone and learning something quite new, coping on their own in a different culture. For some it might have been even a bit stressful, but nevertheless a valuable learning experience.

A wide range of various activities was arranged during the visits both times. You can read more about these under the tabs Visit I and Visit II.

These web pages have been written by both teachers and students of the two schools.